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  • MV-DVI200E 1080P HD DVI capture card / HDMI capture card
  • MV-DVI200E 1080P HD DVI capture card / HDMI capture card
MV-DVI200E 1080P HD DVI capture card / HDMI capture cardMV-DVI200E 1080P HD DVI capture card / HDMI capture card

MV-DVI200E 1080P HD DVI capture card / HDMI capture card

  • Product description: MV-DVI200E 1080P HD DVI capture card / HDMI capture card
[Product introduction]
MV-DVI200E medical and streaming high-definition image capture card is a comprehensive technology application of Vistech. According to market orientation, it is launched for large-screen edge fusion, streaming media, multimedia recording and broadcasting systems, large-screen splicing, medical, scientific research, and testing. The new generation is based on the PCI-E Express X1 bus as a data access channel. The high-speed DVI image capture card with a maximum transmission speed of 250MByte / s. In addition to the PCI-E X1 interface capture card, the image restoration is more realistic, the color and quality are more delicate. The advantages of better transition levels, wider acquisition range, and less loss of image details. In addition, a single channel can reach 30FPS at the same time at a resolution of 1920 * 1200. It has a high frame rate, a smooth picture, and a significantly better quality than the VGA interface. Features: This product can collect DVI signals output by graphics devices such as PC graphics cards, as well as image signals such as non-standard progressive RGB components. It is suitable for high-precision, high-resolution image acquisition, storage and encoding of high-definition DVI video images. Transmission requirements.

MV-DVI200E HD DVI capture card


1. Acquisition signal interface: single-channel DVI-I, can solve VGA, DVI, HDMI interface with one card;

2. Video supports DVI single link;

3. It can collect single-channel VGA, DVI, HDMI interface signals output by graphics equipment such as computers, and can also collect non-standard single-channel RGB component image signals;

4. Adopt high-end ADC chip and use high-efficiency Master DMA mode, the image acquisition process takes up almost no CPU resources, and the onboard RAM memory chip is used as the image cache;

5, high-precision digital-to-analog conversion, can obtain high-resolution, high-speed, high-quality lossless VGA images and DVI, HDMI digital images;

6. Support hardware arbitrary windowing, secondary zoom, hardware flip;

7, has a similar memory mapping function, multiple applications / processes can share the image data collected by them;

8. The hardware controls the frame rate traffic, which can be used with other capture cards in actual use to more effectively improve the bandwidth utilization;

9, support RGB32, RGB24, YUV, RGB8 and other acquisition formats;

10, brightness, saturation, contrast and other parameters can be adjusted;

11. Provide abundant secondary development kits;

12, excellent workmanship, the entire system uses environmentally friendly materials and some imported components to ensure product stability.

【Product advantages】
(1) Technical advantages

1, DVI / HDMI mode: 1920 * 1200/30 frames; 1920 × 1080/30 frames; 1600 × 1200/30 frames; 1440 × 1050/30 frames; 1280 × 1024/30 frames; 1024 × 768/30 frames; 800 × 600/60 frames, with a maximum resolution of 1920 * 1200;

2. VGA mode: the resolution can reach 2048 * 1536;

3, HD mode: can capture 1080P, 720P, 586P, 480P progressive digital signals;

4. High point frequency: Directly using high-performance acquisition chips, the point frequency can reach 220M, and few manufacturers currently reach the market;

5. High transmission rate: Designed with PCI-E Express X4 bus architecture, compatible with higher transmission rates of X8 and X16;

6. High bandwidth utilization: Hardware bandwidth utilization technology enables the PCI-E bus to be used effectively in the true sense;

7. Microvision's own technology, no blue screen or crash when there is no signal;

8. Fully automatic line and field frequency detection: It has full automatic line and field frequency self-adaptation capability and signal self-detection capability. The change of the signal at the source end does not require user adjustment, which is completely suitable for unattended applications;

9. Adopt standard WDM driver, support standard Directshow for development, and provide complete secondary development kit SDK. Can also provide VC, VB, Delphi and other secondary development kit demonstration programs and source code;

10. Can use Microsoft AmCap, Windows Media Encode, Window Movie Maker, LabView and other third-party applications;

11. The dvi video capture card can support most of most domestic video conference software, video surveillance software, P2P capture terminal software, and live broadcast software.

(II) Comprehensive advantages

1. High cost performance: The products are independently developed by Wei Shi, with many years of relevant product development experience, mastering core areas of technology, reasonable and flexible market positioning and price, high performance and low price have absolute advantages, reducing product costs for users.

2. Product service: Xi'an, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places have their own branches and service departments to provide guarantee for product sales and maintenance, can provide strong technical support, and solve problems for customers as soon as possible.

3. Stable performance: Many years of technology accumulation and market test in the image industry make the product have high stability, low failure rate, and reduce customer maintenance costs.

4. Persistent cooperation: Users do not need to worry about the problems caused by product upgrades. We will provide a complete solution to upgrade customers to solve their worries.

【development tools】
● Operating system support: Windows XP, win7.

● SDK support: VC, VB, Delphi. Provide demo program and demo program source code!

● Driver support: WDM, DirectX, OpenCV, Matlab, LabView, Halcon.

[Application field]
1. Educational courseware recording, multimedia recording and broadcasting video, conference recording, video conference, distance education training;

2. Large screen edge fusion system, large screen splicing, TV wall industry, virtual studio, virtual reality, industrial control, game console and other equipment;

3. Security X-ray machine, radar image signal, VDR recorder;

4. Medical X-ray machine, CT machine, gastrointestinal machine, etc.

Note: This product is gradually discontinued. Whether it can be supplied normally, please contact iJUNCO.
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