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  • MV-VGA200E Medical and Streaming HD RGB Component Acquisition Card
  • MV-VGA200E Medical and Streaming HD RGB Component Acquisition Card
MV-VGA200E Medical and Streaming HD RGB Component Acquisition CardMV-VGA200E Medical and Streaming HD RGB Component Acquisition Card

MV-VGA200E Medical and Streaming HD RGB Component Acquisition Card

  • Product description: MV-VGA200E Medical and Streaming HD RGB Component Acquisition Card
[Product introduction]
MV-VGA200E medical and streaming high-definition RGB component acquisition card is a new generation of products based on the integration of many years of R & D card manufacturing experience of Weishi Imaging. MV-VGA200 non-standard acquisition card uses PCI-E X1 interface and has a higher The transmission rate is specially designed for the newly created VGA capture card products in the fields of streaming media, multimedia recording and broadcasting system, large screen splicing, medical treatment, security inspection, scientific research, testing, etc. This product uses a number of advanced technologies such as digital anti-aliasing filtering to The image has the characteristics of more realistic reproduction, finer color quality, better transition levels, wider acquisition range, and less loss of image details. It can collect signal sources such as VGA signals and RGB components, which is suitable for high-precision, high-resolution VGA. Signal acquisition, storage, encoding transmission, etc., is a true VGA HD capture card.

MV-VGA200E Medical RGB Component Acquisition Card MV-VGA200E Medical RGB Component Acquisition Card

[Technical characteristics and indicators]
● Acquisition of computer VGA output screen, output acquisition equipment of various non-standard cameras, standard or non-standard RGB component signals;

● The type of the collected signal can be a composite non-standard analog signal according to the interface, and the RGB component signal with green road belt synchronization and line-field separation synchronization;

● Using the efficient Master DMA mode, the image acquisition process consumes almost no CPU resources, and the onboard RAM memory chip is used as the image cache;

● High frame rate: 2048 * 1536/15 frames; 1920 * 1080/30 frames; 1280 × 1024/30 frames; 1024 × 768/60 frames; 800 × 600/60 frames and other custom modes, which can capture 720P, 1080P by one Line signal

● The highest point frequency can reach 205M;

● Supports arbitrary windowing of hardware, secondary zooming, and hardware flipping;

● It has a similar memory mapping function, and multiple applications / processes can share the image data it collects;

● Loss of signal access perception, no blue screen and crash when there is no signal;

● The hardware controls the frame rate traffic, which can be used in combination with other capture cards in actual use to more effectively improve the use of PCI bandwidth;

● Support RGB32, RGB24, YUV, RGB8 and other acquisition formats;

● Full-automatic line-field frequency detection: It has full-automatic line-field frequency self-adaptation ability and signal self-detection ability. The change of the signal at the source end does not require user adjustment, which is completely suitable for unattended applications;

● Programming completely uses the DirectShow interface provided by Microsoft, and can also provide secondary development kit demo programs and source code based on VC, VB, Delphi, etc .;

● Can use Microsoft's AmCap, Windows Media Encode, Window Movie Maker, LabView and other third-party application software, so it is also a VGA video capture card

● Excellent workmanship, the entire system uses environmentally friendly materials and some imported components to ensure product stability;

[Comprehensive advantages]
1.High cost performance

Products are independently developed by Wei Shi, with years of relevant product development experience, master core technology, reasonable market positioning and price, high performance and low price have absolute advantages, reducing product costs for users.

Product Services

Xi'an, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places have their own branches and service departments to provide product sales and maintenance, provide strong technical support, and solve problems for customers at the first time.

3. Stable performance

The image industry's years of technology accumulation and market test make the product have a high stability, a low failure rate, and reduce customer maintenance costs.

4. Lasting cooperation

Users do not need to worry about the problems brought about by the product upgrades. We will provide a complete solution to upgrade the customer's worries.

【development tools】
● Operating system support: Windows XP, win7.

● SDK support: VC, VB, Delphi. Provide demo program and demo program source code!

● Driver support: DirectX, OpenCV, LabView, Halcon.

[Application field]
1. Educational courseware recording, multimedia recording and broadcasting video, conference recording, video conference, distance education training

2.Large screen splicing, TV wall industry, virtual studio, virtual reality, industrial control, game console and other equipment

3.Security X-ray machine, radar image signal, VDR recorder

4. Medical X-ray machine, B ultrasound, CT machine, gastrointestinal machine, colposcopy, etc.

                                                  Note: This product is gradually discontinued. Whether it can be supplied normally, please contact iJUNCO.
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